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October 30, 2015  

We talk so much about getting to the next level and what it takes to do that.  I wanted to sit down with my friend, fellow strength and conditioning coach and former pro hockey player Brian Sipotz to hear his insider perspective on what it takes.

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May 18, 2015  

He would hate being called a "speed guru" - but to me that is what he is.  Today I was lucky enough to have a great talk about speed development in multi-directional athletes and YOU are lucky enough to be able to listen in.

November 24, 2013  

In this episode hockey strength and conditioning specialists Kevin Neeld, MS and Maria Mountain, MSc talk about Kevin's experiences integrating techniques from the Postural Restoration Institute into his hockey training programs.

We touch on breathing techniques and why that has become a 'big thing' and they share the key elements that the most successful hockey players share.

Listen in and become a better player, coach or trainer.

June 20, 2013  

I sat down to talk Swedish Goaltending with my friend Magnus Olsson.

June 5, 2013  

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Goaltending Coach Jon Elkin - listen in here :)

February 14, 2012  
January 23, 2012  
November 8, 2010  
November 6, 2010  

Rick Kaselj specializes in helping athletes resolve or prevent injuries and today he sat down for a few minutes with us to talk about hip flexor strains, lower ab strains and hip impingement in hockey players and hockey goalies.  Click below to see what Rick had to say.

October 25, 2010  

I was very lucky to spend a few minutes on the phone with top goaltending coach Steve McKichan.  He was kind enough to share some of his personal experiences working his way up to the NHL and he also shared some of the ways hockey goalies sabotage themselves.  Learn from Steve how to avoid these common pitfalls.

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